13+ Section 8 Discharge
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Section 8 Discharge By Shyanne Belzer
Section 8 Discharge By Shyanne Belzer from media-temporary.preziusercontent.com

A soldier given such a discharge or behaving as if. The section 8 discharge, was used when a service man was deemed mentally unfit for military section 8 discharges didn't just get handed out to people who were mentally unsuited for service. Discharge under section 8 is no longer a military reality, as medical discharges for psychological/psychiatric reasons are now covered by a number of regulations.

He told me everything that happened when he went there.

[from the former section number of the u.s. The term section 8 refers to a category of discharge from the united states military when judged mentally unfit for service. The section 8 program began in 1974 by the u.s. There are a number of conditions under which a veteran.

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