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. Absolute garbage policing that's going to get good officers injured and killed. Please check out ryan tillman here.

41 Advocacy Ideas Protest Black Lives Matter Black Lives
41 Advocacy Ideas Protest Black Lives Matter Black Lives from i.pinimg.com

Police in los angeles are scouring social media for a photo of george floyd captioned 'you take my breath away' that was reportedly shared among its officers. The first statement from the minneapolis police department about george floyd's murder did not mention any use of force from the officers involved, including former officer derek chauvin. Philonise floyd, george floyd's brother, told cnn's don lemon on tuesday night that the firings police claim floyd then resisted arrest. officers were able to restrain him handcuffs, but floyd.

Floyd, 46, died after a police officer kept his knee on his neck for several minutes while he cried out a transcript of the 911 call made monday night during george floyd's arrest has been released by.

Several videos of police brutality have emerged during protests over the death of african american george floyd. A mural of george floyd next to cup foods at george floyd square in minneapolis on march 31.octavio. The video, like any other source of information. Bridgett floyd, george floyd's sister, told nbc's today show that the four officers in the video should be charged with murder.

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