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. Injustice 2 batman the best gear stats to build, character base stats, moves, list of abilities and character powers. These moves are combo button sequences unique to this character's skill set.

Injustice 2 Mobile Roster Batman Injustice Batman Batman Comics
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One of the most popular heroes in the game is the dark knight himself like almost every heroes in injustice 2, batman has a lot of combos and attacks that have carried over from the previous injustice game, injustice: In injustice 2 #3, batman is outmatched by another batman (which carries two submachine guns). This article contains spoilers for injustice 2 #39 & #40.

Learn how to use batman in injustice 2 with our video guide that showcases batman's moves, basic combos, and teaches how to string them together for big.

He doesn't have a lot of defining characteristics in terms of moves, and is good for both beginner and veteran characters for his simple moves and combos. He is the main protagonist of injustice: As it perhaps goes without saying at this point, batman is one of the biggest characters featured in any product related to dc comics. Earning electrum a place in the top five of the worst batman skins for injustice 2.

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