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. You can openly carry rifles and shotguns. The texas department of public safety shall issue a license to carry a handgun to an eligible person.

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Texas republican party chairman discusses constitutional carry legislation. Texas gun laws do not regulate. As for the texas law, only those with existing concealed carry permits will be allowed to openly carry a side arm.

Texas a&m university is changing its rules on carrying concealed weapons on campus.

Erich schlegel/getty images hide caption. As part of the licensing process, residents must submit a fingerprint, undergo a background check, participate in a training course and. On friday, texans will legally be allowed to carry blades longer than 5.5 inches in most — but not all — places. According to a new open carry law, which texas governor greg abbott signed at a gun range last june, licensed texans can now openly carry their firearm (as long as it's secured in a belt or shoulder holster) in all the same places where they could already carry a concealed.

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